Portrait and event photographer

Hi, my name is

Gabe Fuerte

I see photography like my special language that I use to communicate the beauty I see in the world. This idea is behind every image I create, because whether I'm photographing a sunset or a person, I believe there is beauty there that I can portray in a photograph.

My Story

My photography story started in the Spring and Summer of 2020. With the extra time on my hands from the lockdown, I began to go on walks around my neighborhood and take pictures on my phone of anything interesting I'd see. Looking for what was visually intriguing about the world around me quickly became a habit, and as this practice grew so did my desire to fittingly portray the things I would see in pictures. I started researching and practicing photography techniques, and transitioned from taking pictures on my phone to my first camera.

Every chance I got I would spend time taking photos and editing them. I loved photographing whatever caught my eye as I wandered around the streets of downtown Denver, or going into the mountains for a sunset photoshoot. My professional photography started with me shooting my friend's sister's senior photos in 2021, and then continued on to shoot family photos, a bridal shower, multiple weddings, and later family photos and more senior photos.

As I grow my focus in photography will continue to be on portraits, families, and events. My style of photography is artistically driven with the aim of portraying my subject's personality. I am thrilled to be able to pursue my love of photography professionally, and continue to grow in this art form.

Get to Know Me

When I'm not taking photos, I enjoy playing soccer and volleyball, reading, playing chess, and spending time with my family and friends. My other business pursuit is cleaning windows, which I have been doing for 5 years. Learn more at windowcleaningbygabe.com.

I recently graduated highschool, after being homeschooled and attending Red Rocks Community College part time. I am planning on attending Benedictine College in the Fall. I am the oldest of five children, and I attend Holy Name Catholic Parish with my family.