Agape Catholic Apparel

The Story

Some of the most welcome and familiar faces on campus are the Jones twins. Gabe and Nate are two awesome sophomores here at BC who love sports, fun, and the Faith, and who I'm blessed to call friends. Last year, during their freshman year, Gabe decided he wanted to start an apparel business. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a mission of spreading the message of authentic, sacrificial love, Gabe started Agape Apparel with the help of his brother Nate. Agape is one of the four Greek words for love, and represents the highest form of love: pure, sacrificial and unconditional. See more on their story and view their products on their website,

My Work with Agape Apparel

Agape Apparel has had two drops during my time here at Benedictine, and I've had the pleasure of doing photoshoots and marketing work for both. The first included their Everyday Collection of t-shirts and hoodies. Here are a few of the shots from that shoot!

The Premium Greek Drop

Agape's most recent apparel release includes premium, embroidered hoodies. These hoodies are perfect for winter, and the light gray one even has the word Agape in it's original Greek translation. Check out a few shots from that shoot!

A Word from the Founder About my Service

"Loved working with Gabe! He helped create a fun atmosphere and an enjoyable experience during what could have been a stressful one. He had great ideas for shots while also getting the shots I had come into the photoshoot looking for. Overall the pictures are excellent, and I loved working with him!"

- Gabriel Jones

Thank you so much for taking a look! Go check out Agape Apparel at

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