Photoshoot of the Girls' House

As a Freshman here at Benedictine, I have been so grateful for how inviting the upper classmen are. A few of those awesome upperclassmen include the Senior girls I recently had the pleasure of taking pictures for in November. These girls have been friends since their Freshman year, and since this is their last fall together, they decided they just had to get some photos taken.

The photoshoot was an absolute blast! We started out in Benedictine's academic quad, and then moved down to the cute arch in front of the Marian Grotto entrance, and then finished up with pictures at the house they share.

I loved the way the photos from this shoot turned out! We were able to capture these girls joy and friendship so well. Here's what one of the girls said about the shoot:

"Genuinely so so fun!! I showed my mom the pictures and she cried!! They turned out beautifully. I am so excited to show everyone these pictures and I will genuinely keep these memories close to my heart!! Your energy and excitement made me so excited for the shoot!! 10/10 you are amazing!!! The pictures are incredible!!"

"The photo shoot was so much fun!! Gabe had so many great ideas and really made things fun! The pictures look so amazing and really look natural!!! I am genuinely so impressed! We got to go to different locations. Gabe genuinely captured our friendship so well in these pictures! When a photo idea wasn’t working well Gabe helped us find a new idea and helped us capture the kind of pictures we wanted. So so impressed! We will definitely be getting more pictures!!" - Katie Brenner

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